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Gary Lam
Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm a disciples of Christ, I love to evangelise and witness God's grace and power. I'm happy to share the Gospel and my testimonies with you and reach out to the people of all nations.

Message to man!

When I’m going through the sermons from Kyle Idleman, I found 1 sermon very important to man, specially the married men.  It reminds me of a things I use to do and the difference I see happening in my life. First of all, I like to confess one of my sin,  I use to have a 2TB hard drive fill with pornographic video, a dedicated drive name “XXX”. I may not have watch it all (I mean in full length) but I have a thing that I like to collect them since it is so easy to get and just a few clicks away, sometime I even offer them to my friends. I’m not sure if this is addiction but I formatted the drive the 2nd week I start  following  Jesus, when Holy Spirit convicted me the first time but in a few days.. I notice I start download them again.. than I repent to my Pastor, than I format the drive again.. and again.. I think I fight this over few months back and forward.. and now my computer is completely clean.. Thank you Lord, and Thank you Holy Spirit for convicted me and lead me the way.

Now, I like you to spare 33:34 mins and play this Sermons, I have listen to this single sermons over 5 times. It open my eyes and really help me on how to deal with my desire. I’m hoping this can help you too.  If you have more times, will be great to go through the whole “Hot Summer Nights” series. If you need help or support, you can email me anytime!


Click here to link to itune for the Sermons, and click on the “BLUE” play button, or Click here  Hot Summer Nights: Burned. Destroyed by Desire  to download and play later.

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