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Good person = Going to Heaven?

The answer is “No”. Few months ago, I told one of my best friend that I’m baptized into Christ Jesus. She is little surprised and don’t understand why, she is an atheist,  and she believed as long as she is a good person, never murder anyone, always do good deeds and help others when needed, that’s good enough to be in Heaven. I don’t have anything against this theory at that time, but I  know that’s not  true, because my Pastor told me that,  if we had ever sin, even one time, long long time ago, no matter how many good deed you do now it wont help you and you still be a sinner. Only repent your sin to our God Jesus Christ to be forgiven, than you can go to Heaven.

Today I come cross this sermons on podcast, it is from Cornerstone church by Pastor Francis Chan, so I cut and paste this 2 mins audio that talks about this topic.



How To Live In The World, Without Becoming Like It

Released17 December 2000

Scripture: Revelation 2:12-17

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