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What makes a Ferrari looks boring?

I’m currently in the middle of selling my Porsche, I honestly want to sell it very quickly and I set it in a very low price. At the moment, I just want to sell all my possessions (Matthew 19:21) and focus on my learning. While I’m selling my car, there is lots of other temptations, where you are going to spend the money? another car, a newer car or a faster car. What new toy you gonna get ?¬†Than this video come up while i’m driving to pick up my daughter from school. Just a random search from hundred’s of Francis Chan video, and this sermons talks about things you can do that makes a Ferrari looks¬†boring… Thank you God for the guidance.

Sorry Lord, there is things that i have done before that I’m not proud of. I want to repent my sin, Lord please forgive me and take away my sin. Thank you Lord.

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