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Thank you for the lift, God

51G60jMnWzL._SL300_I spend the last few days reading a book call “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges. A wonderful book, it talks about the overlook sins we may have in our life, more i learn about the acceptable sin we often committed and more depress I got. I’m not sure if it is about the sins I felt I had committed over the years or is it the pressure I felt that i must not commit the same sins again in my life. It really drain me out. Last night, i felt completely defeated and i speak out loudly “I’m defeated”, before I knew it, Chloe and Fiona is asking me, what is defeated?, how is lost… I didn’t answer, just stop reading the book and go to bed. I woke up early in the morning, check my mail as usual, than I go to youtube and search for “Francis Chan” and see if there is anything new I can learn other than “Sin”, I filter the search result to this month, and click on the first video i see, this video come up, I start watching this video and not aware of the title, and when Francis talk about giving up, my tears pouring out, and I look out the window and said, Thank you God,  I understand. You are one step ahead of me always.. Thank you for your guidance, I felt a lift of my spirits right there.  Ever since I start following Jesus, my tears can just pouring out at anytime when I’m watching a movie, audiobook, driving and even listen to Chirs Tomlin, most of the time I felt so much joy and love overwhelm me. Thank you God, Thank you lambchopxoxo uploading this video and Thank you Francis Chan for delivering me this message from God.