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Gary Lam
Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm a disciples of Christ, I love to evangelise and witness God's grace and power. I'm happy to share the Gospel and my testimonies with you and reach out to the people of all nations.

10 Things I Have Learned About Business and Success

Primarily I’m a domainer by trade, but I also have a hand in a number of other businesses, both on and offline. I’ve grown up around business, with my father teaching me from a young age that hard work, dedication to the cause and belief in yourself are the ingredients of success. Over the years I’ve experienced many business highs and lows, and in the process developed my own individual working style to help cultivate success. Today I would like to share 10 things with you that I believe contribute to becoming successful in not just the domaining world but all areas of business.

1. No One Ever Got Rich Without Taking a Risk

A wise person once told me this, and I’ve never forgotten it. A risk doesn’t need to mean putting big money on the line either, it can simply mean just going outside of your comfort zone, doing something others aren’t prepared to do. Ask any successful business person about the defining moments in their success and they will always highlight a risk element that turned out to be a big winner.

2. Dont Kill Your Ideas By Thinking Too Much

A person who thinks too much only ever thinks about his thoughts, those are wise words by Alan Watts. Start doing and stop over thinking everything. Sure, carry out due diligence on ideas and investments, but like I have said so many times, learn to use your instinct.

3. Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your empire be. Remember that the majority of people quit before they succeed because they don’t have the patience to wait for the good times to arrive.

4. Be Mindful of The Feelings of Others

Treat others as you like to be treated; just because this is business doesn’t mean you need to dominate or mistreat to get ahead. I have always found that being myself and being mindful of the feelings and situation of others, has yielded not just success, but success with an heightened feeling of reward.

5. Celebrate Your Achievements

The problem with success is that the goal posts keep moving further back. You reach one goal but it is never enough, you think bigger and better and strive for more. Let go of the striving when you reach a landmark in your success and pat yourself on the back. Take time out to recognize your achievements and celebrate them with your loved ones.

6. Don’t Choose Business Over Love

Talking of loved ones, make sure you don’t neglect them during your quest for success. Closing the laptop by 7pm each evening to put your kids to bed is equally as important as opening it at 10am to start work. Similarly, resisting the urge to check emails when on holiday with your family is massively important in terms of not infringing on quality time. Spend as much time cultivating love with family and friends as you do on building your business and you will succeed twofold.

7. Never Close Your Ears – Remain Porous

There is always someone who can teach you something, and often you will meet such a person in the most unlikely of places. And for this reason it is important to keep your ears open all the time. Life is one big lesson, one where we never stop learning. Remain porous.

8. Know When The Day is Done

Over stretching yourself is counterproductive to success. There comes a point in the day where your mind begins to slow down and needs to rest. Work hard at your most productive and rest properly when you need to recuperate. Sleep is important for your health and your ability to handle the work-family balance. Recognize when your body has had enough, close the laptop, empty your mind and rest. Tomorrow is another day; better to work 8 hours at optimum level than 12 at half pace.

9. Don’t Worry Your Life Away

Quite rightly your business is your baby, and as such requires constant nurturing. But don’t spend your life worrying that your business will fall apart if you leave it alone for 5 minutes. Indeed, if this is the case, the foundations upon which your business is built are shaky and need maintenance. Worry thwarts creativity, affects health and causes stress. Learn to let things go and enjoy the rough and the smooth.

10. Have Fun Spending Your Money

You can’t take it with you, thats for sure, so enjoy spending it. Be generous where possible and never be stingy with family or friends. The more you attach yourself to your money the more likely it is to leave you. Be sensible with money but fair, be generous but equally as thrifty.