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Developing Domains For Added Value

Before Christmas I announced that I would be putting energy into developing some of my domains. The purpose of this is to attract a more diverse buying market. There are a huge number of people looking to buy existing web businesses or young websites with big potential. Simply having a domain name for sale doesn’t present the potential, only the perceived value of the domain name.

Some domain names are that desirable you can guarantee an individual or company will come knocking. There are times when there is no alternative for a business and they must acquire the domain you own for branding purposes or to target a particular keyword phrase for their website. But some domains need a further display of potential, and the additional assets of a developed property with great content, diverse backlinks, and if possible, monetization, will attract a wider buying market. Previously I posted about the ethicalness of link baiting for clicks on parked domains. Well developing domains provides an alternative to that practice. Why bother sprinkling links for small ad click revenue when you can spend time increasing the value of your domain, and make money through Adsense of partner products until a buyer comes along.

Okay, so this is a different strategy to traditional domaining, and development may mean you need to list the site in different places for sale than you would a stand-alone domain. However, this won’t stop a domainer coming along, buying the domain, wiping the installation and parking it again. But it is worth remembering that you aren’t in the game to sell to domainers, quite simply because you will never maximize the price potential of a domain selling to another domainer – like you they are in it for the maximum profit margin.

Development means missing out on parking revenue, but where you lose the potential for money is actually greater. Some people aren’t tech savvy, and the thought of having a blank canvas isn’t hugely appealing. A desirable domain name with a decent design, content and decent rankings in the SERPs is a huge leg up the ladder for a person who wants a readymade package. Even if a person wants to change the design, Google will have already ranked the site and any backlinks you have acquired will remain. And without doubt this adds value to a web property.

Of course I wouldn’t want to develop all my domains, and some I know for a fact are better off parked. But there are a number for which I have an itching feeling development will bring a more lucrative sale. Recently I have been working on www.muaythai.net. It isn’t fully developed yet but it is progressing, and I already recieved one inquiry. Muay Thai is a massive industry, not to mention that the “Muay Thai” has an exact match search volume of 300,000. The domain itself is worth a nice amount on its own, and with the added content there it sparks ideas in the minds of potential buyers as to where they can take the site going forward. I had an affiliate sale on an associated product too, which is a great selling point, because even with a small amount of traffic money can be made. The domain is for sale if you know anyone who may be interested.