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Gary Lam
Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm a disciples of Christ, I love to evangelise and witness God's grace and power. I'm happy to share the Gospel and my testimonies with you and reach out to the people of all nations.

“She do really well”

Today i pick Chloe up from her reading class, the teacher bring her our and told me, she do really well, she read 5 books in half an hour. I am looking at Chloe and she gave me a big smile and chewing her “smart candy”. I felt really great, because this kind of thing never happen to me before, i mean, i hate school and my grade are offen barely meet the base line. I don’t think and can’t remember ever any teacher had come up to me and say “you do well”. Today, im happy because my daughter had done something i did not achieve (which means bad DNA did not get to her).


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